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No cupset in Lichterfelde

Lichterfelder FC vs. FC Internationale 4:2 (1:1)
September 7, 2012 | attendance: 96 | pictures |

Teams enter the pitch

Lichterfelde is a neighborhood at the southern edge of Berlin but still well connected to the city center via S-Bahn. Modest row houses are mingled with posh villas, and the setting is a tranquil one. That is until you hear the mighty roar of the medevac destined for the nearby Benjamin Franklin emergency hospital.

Across from the hospital lies Stadion Lichterfelde, part of a larger sports complex with astro and natural turfs. Half of the stadium is lined with trees, the other half with a set of buildings that form the main stand. There is roofed seating, and also terracing that encircles the entire pitch. The blue running track gives off a hint of Olympiastadion.

The stadium is home to Lichterfelder FC 1892 Berlin (LFC) of Oberliga Nordost Nord (5th tier). Last season the club only managed 5 draws and 23 defeats, and was lucky to escape relegation only thanks to Türkiyemspor filing for bankruptcy. They did not have a better start into season either: zero points after three games.

And as today’s guests in this Berlin cup match were Bezirksliga (7h tier) high-flyer FC Internationale Berlin (Inter, 4 wins), a cupset seemed possible. The likelihood of that increased when Inter took the lead after 20 minutes. Until that moment LFC had a bit of an edge, while Inter was fighting well and succeeded with a counter attack. But their hopes for a cupset only lasted for about 10 minutes: LFC equalized out of nowhere.

For the first 15 minutes of the second half, a drizzle set in. During that time, the home side scored twice, and then spent the better part of the second half snatching up passes or putting their counterparts in an offside position. Excitement returned ten minutes before the end, when Inter received and converted a penalty. During a hectic final phase the underdog gave LFC all they got, but as Inter kept running on, heavier rain set in. That served once again as wakeup call for LFC, who tied the knot with yet another successful counter attack shortly before the end.


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