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Berlin derby weekend advice

Going to the Berlin derby on Feb.11? Here are some pointers on other games and on how/when to best get to Olympiastadion…

Berlin derby 2011

Already there for the weekend? Those games might be of interest to you:’

You would cover three major grounds in Berlin (given the weather holds out):
UPDATE: Snow started falling and two matches (Saturday: BAK, Sunday: Union II) just got cancelled. But you could still join us on Sunday for the photo exhibit in the afternoon

Friday, Feb.8, 7.30pm: Tennis Borussia Berlin vs. 1. FC Wilmersdorf
(Berlinliga = 6th tier) at Mommsenstadion under floodlights

Poststadion Berlin

CANCELLED: Saturday, Feb.9, 1.30pm: Berliner AK vs. Energie Cottbuss II (Regionalliga = 4th tier) at Poststadion (more pictures of the ground)





Jahnsportpark Berlin

CANCELLED: Sunday, Feb.10, 1.30pm: 1. FC Union Berlin II vs. Red Bull Leipzig (Regionalliga) at Jahnsportpark (more pictures of the ground)




Alte Försterei 2006And while you won’t be able to see the Alte Försterei, you could join us for an Union photo exhibit after the Union II match, showing pictures of the stadium before and after the rebuild. Check out the facebook event page here.



Monday, Feb.11, 8.15pm
: derby time – now hot do you best get there
(click to enlarge)…

How to get there

Hertha (3pm) and Union fans (4pm) will meet at Bahnhof Zoo to travel to the ground in their respective groups. This will clog up trains, so avoid getting into the S-Bahn (S5, S75) or U-Bahn (U2) at or after that stop. Also try to avoid changing trains at Westkreuz, this will be quite a nightmare. Your best bet would be to get into the S-Bahn (S5, S75) at Friedrichstr. or Alexanderplatz, or the U2 from Potsdamer Platz or earlier and then watch the train crowd up from a comfortable seat.

Try to get to the ground as early as possible (at least by 7pm), especially if you are in the away end. There will be multiple pat downs.

Enjoy the match, here is how it looked like two years ago:

Video 1: Union fans blowing off some steam after the equalizer

Video 2: Union fans sing at Olympiastadion

Video 3: Union fans light a few torches to celebrate the win

Photo gallery

Berlin derby 2011Berlin derby 2011


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