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Prelude to a European Football Weekend

SV Preussen Eberswalde vs. Ludwigsfelder FC 1:1 (0:1)
April 19, 2013 | attendance ca. 120 | pictures

Sunset in Eberswalde

Friday marked the arrival of some valued members of the European Football Weekends (EFW) community in Berlin. Their destinations for the rest of the weekend would be some rather insignificant matches in Saxony, but first there was a Friday evening to spend.  This should prove to be a bit of a challenge, though. There are still thousands of games to be played in Berlin as a consequence of the long winter, but not a single one was scheduled today. No. Game. On a Friday night. The audacity! The shame! The desperation! In the end, salvation was found in the state of Brandenburg, where SV Preussen Eberswalde kindly hosted a Brandenburgliga match (6th tier).

Would this be an adventurous trip outside in the Brandenburg wilds? Should we bring food and drinks, as a popular German song recommends? Well, no. And no. It really is just a 20 minute train ride north, and Eberswalde is home to a popular East German sausage brand (“Eberswalder”), though – dark secret – the factory is actually a few miles north of Eberswalde in a township called Britz. Some of the Bratwurst did find its way into the clubhouse, though so nobody had to starve. However, everybody would have preferred to see the sausages sizzling over some nice charcoal and fire rather than in a greasy pan. Points deducted. Points added for the stadium itself, though, it was the perfect playground for this group of mature EFW folks:

EFW Ultra attemptsAs sole occupants of the away section, they admirably (but hopelessly) tried to learn the trade of the Ultras, then went on to explore the numerous charming side pitches  and finally climbed on top of the main stand’s roof to be bathed in beams of floodlight and the setting sun (top of the world!).

EFW hooligan on top of the main stand

There was apparently also some sort of game going on in which the eleven visiting lads, who were desperate to fight off relegation, took an early lead only to lose it minutes before the final whistle when an Eberswalder defender’s 20-yard-blast curved nicely around the keeper.

To the jolly tourist group this tremendous goal was just the icing on the Eberswalde adventure cake, and they would later claim that a European Football weekend can’t get much better than that!

Check out my facebook page for the full gallery:

Check out the European Football Weekends community:

Ludwigsfelde celebrate their goal
Westendstadion in Eberswalde


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